SCREENING METHODS: Broth dilution methods(4)

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Broth dilution methods(4)

In some cases, the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) or the bacteriostatic concentration is stated, both terms agreeing closely with the MIC. A list of the most frequently used terms in antimicrobial activity testing of crude medicinal plants extracts and essential oils are presented in Table-1.

What is often found in antimicrobial assays is that concentrations at and above the MIC cause reversible inhibition. Removing the inhibitory pressure of the antimicrobial will result in growth. This can best be demonstrated with the broth dilution assay. An aliquot of medium from any tube which demonstrates no growth in the MIC assay is transferred to fresh medium which contains no antimicrobial. If no growth occurs in the fresh medium, lethality has occurred. This is defined as the Minimum Lethal Concentration (MLC). In general, dilution tests should be used when quantitative data are desired, when the strains tested have variable growth rates, when it is desirable to determine lethality, to measure the effects of combinations of antimicrobials quantitatively, and when the test should be performed with anaerobic or microaerophilic microorganisms.

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