SCREENING METHODS: Broth dilution methods(5)

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The agar dilution method was used to determine the strength of the antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants extract, spices, and essential oils by Banerjee et al, (1982), Kivanc and Akguel (1986), Bara and Vanetti (1995), Sekiyama et al. (1996), Firouzi et al. (1998), Ward et al. (1998), Hammer et al. (1999), Elgayyar et al. (2001), Unal et al. (2001), Iscan et al. (2002), Velickovic et al. (2002), Venturini et al. (2002), Alzoreky and Nakahara, (2003), Aureli et al. (2003), Burt and Reinders (2003), Nguefack et al. (2004) and Tepe et al., (2004).

The broth dilution method was used by Bara et al. (1995), Carson (1995b), Cosentino et al. (1999), Hammer et al. (1999), Jeong Jun et al. (1999), Unal et al. (2001), Delaquis et al. (2002), Jee Young et al. (2002), Velickovic et al. (2002), Venturini et al. (2002), Araujo et al. (2003), Cosentino et al. (2003), Tepe et al. (2004), Thiem and Goslinska (2004) and Yu et al. (2004). An alternation determination of the end point of broth dilution assays is the measurement of conductance or impedance (Tassou et al., 1995; Wan et al., 1998; Marino et al., 1999, 2001).

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