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Agar Diffusion

The compound diffuses through the agar, setting up a concentration gradient. The concentration is inversely proportional to the distance from disk or area. Inhibition, which is the measure of activity, is indicated by a zone without growth of the organism around the disk or well. The size of the zone is dependent on the rate of diffusion and growth of the organism.

The most widely used screening methods to measure the antimicrobial efficacy of medicinal plants, spice, their essential oil, and their constituents are agar diffusion method (Kivanc and Anguel, 1986; Deans and Ritchie, 1987; Farag et al., 1989; Aureli et al., 1992; Qamar et al., 1994; Bara and Vanetti, 1995; Domokos et al., 1997; Lis-Balchin and Deans, 1997; Firouzi et al., 1998; Ilcim et al., 1998; Lachowicz et al., 1998; Wei et al., 1998; Sun Kyung et al, 1999; Rauha et al, 2000; Yildirim et al, 2000; Yong Seon et al, 2000; Elgayyar et al, 2001; Martins et al, 2001; Minija and Thoppil, 2001; Okeke et al., 2001; Unal et al., 2001 Iscan et al., 2002; Rasooli et al., 2002; Velickovic et al., 2002; Venturini et al., 2002; Aureli et al., 2003; Faleiro et al., 2003; Safak et al., 2003; Vilijoen et al., 2003; Thiem and Goslinska, 2004; Panda et al., 2011a,d). With disk diffusion method, a paper disk soaked with medicinal plant extract is laid on top of an inoculated agar plate.

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