SCREENING METHODS: Application methods(3)

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Perhaps the most misused of the above term is synergism. This term has been used to describe relationships between agents without regard to the overall concentration of antimicrobial in combination. In other words, increased antimicrobial activity in a combination which contains 100 mM of compound A and 100 mM of A or B alone and would not necessarily constitute synergy. Many reports exist where the activity of a single agent is reported along with the activity of a combination and synergism is claimed by the investigator.

A report of synergism requires that the antimicrobial activity of each agent be reported with the combined effect and that the combined effect be greater than the expected, based on the activity of the individual compounds.

Since day-to-day biological variability of MICs makes it difficult to compare confidently results from different tests, the data may be transformed to produce what is called the fractional inhibitory concentration, FIC (Barry, 1976). The FIC for an individual antimicrobial agent is the ratio of the concentration of the antimicrobial in an inhibitory combination with a second agent to the concentration of the antimicrobial by itself.

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