SCREENING METHODS: Comparison between(2)

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Comparison between(2)

Additionally, de-differentiation and instability of cell lines adds to some uncertainties. Additional variables that affect analysis include variability in media composition, temperature, viscosity, osmolarity, and buffering. Naturally, therefore, in vitro bioassays cannot totally replace in vivo studies. However, the advantages of in vitro studies are many. Thus, we can study cell interactions, cell-environment interactions, intracellular activity, cell products, site and mechanism of action and genetic studies with the herbal medicines are possible.

The technology to use stem cells has opened new vistas. Apart from the convenience, the lack of ethical dilemmas (unlike in human or animal studies), a control of the experimental environment, the ability to characterize the sample and maintenance of homogeneity in the procedure are other advantages. Up-scaling and mechanization are also major advantages, allowing high-throughput screens. It must be emphasized here that in vivo bioassays are also a powerful tool used in pharmacology for studying the effects of medicines, and are also of some use in herbal drug development.

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