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Scientists from divergent fields are investigating plants anew with an eye to their antimicrobial utility. All over the world thousands of phytochemicals have found which have inhibitory effects on all types of microorganisms in vitro. There is still a need for more scientific evaluation of Asian herbal medicines including their active constituents, synergistic interactions, formulation strategies, herb drug interactions, standardization, pharmacological and clinical evaluation, toxicity, safety and efficacy evaluation and quality assurance.

Furthermore, more of these compounds should be subjected to animal and human studies to determine their effectiveness in whole organism systems, including in particular toxicity studies as well as an examination of their effects on beneficial normal microbiota. It would be advantageous to standardize methods of extraction and in vitro testing so that the search could be more systematic and interpretation of results would be facilitated. Also, alternative mechanisms of infection prevention and treatment should be included in initial activity screenings.

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