SCREENING METHODS: Descriptive screening methods

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While endpoint methods are excellent for screening compounds, they give less information concerning the effect of the compound on dynamic growth of microorganisms. Once the information has been determined about the MIC for the microorganism, it is important to look at the microorganism’s growth over time. There are several possible methods for evaluating the effect of an antimicrobial on the growth of a microorganism over time. Two of the most popular are the turbidimetric assay and the inhibition curve. Payday Loans Online

Turbidimetric assay

The simplest, most economical and productive growth measurement system is probably the turbidimetric assay. It simply involves following the growth of a microorganism with a spectrophotometer. One of the major problems with turbidimetric analysis is the range of detection. Spectrophotometers generally require 106-107 CFU/ml for detection, thereby limiting cell concentrations which can be successfully assayed with this method. This may create a situation in which no growth (i.e., no absorbance increase) is observed, when, in fact, undetectable growth is occurring at levels below 105 CFU/ml.

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