SCREENING METHODS: Inhibition or Time killing curve(2)

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Plate-5a shows some of possible situations one might encounter in running this type of test. First (A) is growth level suppression. This is sometimes used with a term called ‘percentage growth inhibition’ which may be misleading because it is a function of time. Second (B) is a lag phase increase. Third (C) is a decrease in the growth rate with little effect on lag time. Forth (D) is lethal effect, the time killing curve is the only test which will show this effect. Following an antimicrobial test in which lethality occurs, every small percentage of the original population will often remain viable. This method is versatile but has several disadvantages. No simple statistical method is available to detect differences, no single statistic is produced to compare treatment such as MIC and it is labour intensive and expensive.

The time kill curve was used to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants, spices, and essential oils by Beuchat (1976), Shelef et al. (1984), Ting and Deibel (1992), Aureli et al. (1992), Stecchini et al. (1993), Tassou et al. (1995), Sivoropoulou et al. (1996), Ultee et al. (1998), Wan et al. (1998), Pol and Smid (1999), Sun Kyung et al. (1999), Periago and Moezelaar (2001), Skandamis et al. (2001), Sung Hwang and Young Rok (2001), Ulte and Smid (2001), Mejlholm and Dalgaard (2002), Pintore et al. (2002), Young Rok and Sung Hwan (2002), Burt and Reinders (2003), Cressy et al. (2003) and Nakamura et al. (2004).

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